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Joe Andoe: What You See

In these paintings imagery functions as essence, much as a guitar chord for Hendrix, or the steel and concrete that formed the foundation for the Read More »

Bo Bartlett: Paintings from The Sea Series

Bartlett uses the symbolic power we associate with the sea, its sublimity, as a foundation on which to develop a series of paintings which reference Read More »

Joseph Norman: Berlin Autumn

Joseph Norman draws deeply on the reservoir of meaning and imagery. His linear gymnastics and literal ambiguity confirm a narrative as familiar as it is Read More »

Word and Meaning: Six Contemporary Chinese Artists

Chinese art has been intimately tied to the written word. Word and Meaning is comprised of ten artworks in diverse media and presentational forms (painting, calligraphy, sculpture, Read More »

Landscapes from the Permanent Collection

This exhibition features landscapes from the various art collections of the University at Buffalo that span 160 years and numerous modes of conceptualization, from naturalistic Read More »

Tony Matelli: Abandon

In Abandon, the artist’s first site-specific installation created for the Lightwell Gallery, Matelli uses weeds to explore metaphor and meaning. The project is deceptively simple, playful, Read More »