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The Peter Halley Project

This project is the first in a series of temporary public art projects designed to engage the University community in a dialogue about contemporary art Read More »

Paul Johnson

In this exhibition, we see realities—physical reality along with the enchantment of imaging technology—pushed to a critical point beyond which they would become unrecognizable. The Read More »

Lisa Hein

Lisa Hein’s initially humorous Rube Goldberg-like contraptions, fashioned out of everyday objects such as lamps, fans and cardboard boxes, conflate the big picture—the ordering principles Read More »

Lara Schnitger

Schnitger uses economical and surprising materials—strips of plastic, muslin, plastic bags, Styrofoam, her own body, clay. These materials are made into extraordinary soaring shapes imbued Read More »

Takashi Murakami

In this exhibition, Mr. Dob continues Murakami’s interest in playing with the signifying conditions of contemporary Japanese culture caught between tradition and a Western cultural postmodernism wrought Read More »

Sheldon Berlyn: New Work

Behind each Berlyn painting and drawing is a rigidly disciplined planning and working process. For Berlyn, the record of the brushstroke (in the case, most Read More »

Lucy Gunning

The four video works in this show each focus on a simple yet demanding exercise: accomplishing a headstand, climbing, learning to sing, imitating a horse. Read More »

Duane Zaloudek: Nomad Song

Nomad Song is part of an ongoing project spanning over thirty years. Initially, the viewer encounters three sets of tables and chairs cast in bronze, each Read More »