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Survey: Lydia Dona 1989-1995

Instead of using the somber-toned hues traditionally associated with a semiconscious ‘50s-style sublime, Dona reflects the all-too-familiar colors of institutional lunchrooms, lines of cosmetics or Read More »

Survey: Matthew Weinstein

This selection of oil and mixed media works on canvas by Matthew Weinstein from 1990 to 1995 are grandiose and abstracted History Paintings. Skulls and Read More »

Alfonso Volo: A Dual Site Exhibition

Alfonso Volo’s personal universe is one filled with humor and horror. The paintings he creates are replete with seemingly charming organic forms, imagery perhaps representing Read More »

John LeKay: Delires de L’Ange Neutre

The title of John LeKay’s installation translates to “Delirium of the Neutral Angel.” LeKay has sculpted both angel and demons from paradichlorobenzene, the substance used Read More »

Simon Ungers: Red Vertical

Designed specifically for the Lightwell Gallery, Simon Ungers’s thirty-six foot red column utilizes the unique features of the gallery as it seems to hover weightlessly Read More »

Selected Prints from the University Permanent Collection

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Victor Burgin: The End

Victor Burgin has noted that in our image-saturated environment, our exterior space has become more and more like the space of subjective fantasy turned inside Read More »

Adrian Piper: Cornered/Decide Who You Art

Referencing a wealth of historical and popular imagery, Piper explores her own personal experiences through a collection of biographical materials, as well as expressive forays into self-revelation.

Kristin Oppenheim: The Spider and I

Kristin Oppenheim’s The Spider and I offers audiences a pop-spiritual experience in which images of ecstasy and torment occupy the same space.