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Selected Prints by Antoni Tàpies

Sep 21 - Feb 23 2014

UB Anderson Gallery

The Second Floor Gallery at UB Anderson Gallery features prints by Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, printmaker and art theorist, Antoni Tàpies (1923–2012). Tàpies established an international reputation by the late 1950s through his introduction of materials generally considered outside the realm of painting. In 1953 he had his first exhibitions in the United States at the Marshall Field Art Gallery in Chicago and the Martha Jackson Gallery in New York.  During the late 1950s and early ’60s Tàpies’ interest in Zen philosophy and the idea of the void led him to produce conceptual installations, assemblages and objects that were featured in Martha Jackson Gallery. His extreme sensitivity towards the qualities and expression of different materials is equally evident in the etchings and aquatints in this exhibition that stress the physicality of the inked lines and surfaces.

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