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Cravens World: The Human Aesthetic

Permanent Display

UB Anderson Gallery

Cravens World displays a collection of archaeological and ethnographic objects from all over the world, some of which date as far back as 4,500 BC. Donated to the UB College of Arts and Sciences in 2010 by Annette Cravens (1923-2017), MSW ’68,  this collection of over 1,100 objects can be viewed and researched in a visible storage system at UB Anderson Gallery.

Within a transparent “globe” structure, 126 objects can be experienced in 360-degrees. Wall cabinets and drawers in the room house another 451 objects organized by geographic location. This collection highlights both the universality of the human aesthetic and a remarkable diversity of creative expressions across many generations and traditions.

The Cravens Collection Project is funded by the UB College of Arts and Sciences with generous support from Annette Cravens. Ongoing care and management of the Cravens collection is provided by endowed support from the Cravens Family Foundation.

For research access, outreach programs, and other inquiries, please contact registrar, Nicholas Ostness at or 716-645-0570.

To see how the Cravens collection has been a catalyst and an educational instrument for object-based learning for a range of disciplines at the University and in K-12 curriculum, please explore our related exhibitions:



Lead Image: Doug Levere, Photographer. Mehrdad Hadighi, Architect, Studio for Architecture.