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Calculated Abstractions: Hard-Edge Prints

Apr 26 - Aug 3 2014

UB Anderson Gallery

Explores how artists use clean edges to produce precise geometry as a means to challenge how viewers perceive foreground, background, and the space constructed around them. Each artist demonstrates how different techniques result in similar outcomes while simultaneously attempting to eliminate traces of the artist’s hand. Prints by Julian Stanczak, Josef Albers, and Donald Judd challenge observers to view the represented imagery as both receding and protruding into space. Other artists, such as Frank Stella and Garo Antreasian, experiment with two-dimensional space and its interaction with the printed surface.  Artists represented include Julian Stanczak, Donald Judd, Frank Stella, Josef Albers, Allan D’Arcangelo, Eusebio Sempere, Hans Haacke, Garo Antreasian, Gottfried Honegger, and Hisao Domoto.

This exhibition was co-curated by Nick Ostness, Assistant to the Registrar, and Robert Scalise, Assistant Director of Collections and Exhibitions, UB Art Galleries.

UB Anderson Gallery is supported by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Anderson Gallery Program Fund, and the UB Collection Care and Management Endowment Fund.