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Affinity in Print: Francisco Toledo and Jorge Luis Borges

Sep 21 - Feb 23 2014

UB Anderson Gallery

Affinity in Print: Francisco Toledo and Jorge Luis Borges features eighteen prints by Francisco Toledo (1940-), who was born in Juchitan, Mexico of Zapotec descent. Christopher Borschel, Museum Studies Intern, selected the prints for the exhibition to explore general commonalities between the artist and the Argentinian born writer, Jorge Luis Borges.  Both men have worked in a variety of mediums in their respective disciplines; Borges writing short stories, essays and poetry, and Toledo working in paint, print, ceramic and textiles.  Finding inspiration from their childhood, both artists believed it important to reside in their native land.  Toledo and Borges have deep relationships to their roots culturally, experientially and geographically that manifest themselves in thematic similarities.  The exhibition complements Professor Gracia’s exhibition that “investigates the relations between philosophy, literature and art,” specifically between twelve stories by Jorge Luis Borges and their interpretations by twelve Argentinian and five Cuban artists.

Curated by Christopher Borschel, Museum Studies Intern