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Cravens World From Home!

Cravens World displays a collection of archaeological, ethnographic, and art objects from all over the world, some of which date as far back as 4,500 BC. Donated to the UB College of Arts and Sciences in 2010 by Annette Cravens (1923-2017), MSW ’68, this collection of over 1,100 objects can be viewed and researched in a visible storage system at UB Anderson Gallery.

Director’s Welcome

“During the planning of Cravens World and even after its public opening in 2010, I met regularly with Annette Cravens. Right up to her passing in 2017, we discussed how we can get people to visit Cravens World and how the collection can be used for not only UB student research, but to engage communities at various levels. Annette inspired us to think of this collection as a means to spark conversations and engage everyone from grade-school children to college students to the communities all around us.

In summer 2018, we invited local artists to visit the collection and draw a coloring book page for our young audiences. We released the Cravens Collection Coloring Book as an in-house, print-on-demand publication. We hope to expand on this existing work to encourage further conversations and interactions with this wonderful collection. During these extraordinary times dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are sharing some of the pages featured in the Cravens Coloring Book to extend our mission to provide access to art.”

-Robert Scalise, Director


View Cravens World from home!