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Passage on the Underground Railroad

Stephen Marc, a noted African American photographer and digital montage artist, has spent nearly a decade on the road in the U.S. and Canada documenting Read More »

The Holocaust Archive Revealed: Bad Arolsen through the lens of Richard Ehrlich

In addition to the massive atrocities of the Holocaust and the individual horrors that attended it, most people have no idea of the extent of Read More »

Ani Hoover: Up Down Around

Lightwell Gallery Project Ani Hoover’s lyrical repetition of circles in varying sizes and palettes in her abstract paintings produces fleeting impressions as lustrous pop colors Read More »

Saya Woolfalk: No Place

New York-based artist Saya Woolfalk will be in residence for six weeks working on an installment of her ongoing investigations into No Place, a Technicolor society Read More »

Kara Newbauer

MFA Thesis Exhibition Kara Newbauer’s Color Stacks & Painted Paintings on view in the Second Floor Gallery uses observational painting, reproductions of paintings, and found images to Read More »

Naomi Marine: Nothing of Significance

MFA Thesis Exhibition Naomi Marine’s installation Nothing of Significance in the Second Floor Gallery explores the fantastical intermingling of perceptual and material transformation. Guided by her sensual Read More »