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Thinking Through Photographs

June 3, 2020 - ongoing


Initially developed as an exhibition of questions and prompts, Thinking through Photographs is presented here as a downloadable resource binder. As an accompaniment to UB Anderson Gallery’s yearlong focus on photography, Thinking through Photographs compiles literature on many facets of photography in response to new and enduring debates about the medium’s appeal to truth and reality.

Download Thinking Through Photographs

This project is organized around eight topics, each offering a constellation of questions as a way to navigate our image-saturated world. The topics build on one another and shape a multidimensional perspective of photographs as objects and images, as agents of history and instigators of contemporary conversations. As imaging technologies evolve, so does our thinking around what we see and how we see. Hence, we draw on the work of artists, scholars, and teachers who urge us to look in-depth and with care, and offer myriad ways for us to think through photographs.

Thinking through Photographs is organized by Liz Park, Curator, with Hope Mora, Graduate Assistant, and is designed by Chris Lee. Special thanks to Shannon Ebner and Sara Greenberger Rafferty.

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