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My Future Ex: Sculpture on the East Side

Oct 5 2013

Wilson Street Urban Farm -and- Broadway Market

Outdoor sculpture by Oreen Cohen and Tamara Suber, and performance by Johannes Zits

Join UB Art Gallery on a free round trip shuttle tour from UB’s North and South Campuses to installations downtown and on the East Side. The shuttle leaves the Center for the Arts at 10:30am and returns at 3pm. Click here for the shuttle schedule.

Wilson Street Urban Farm
Wilson Street (between Broadway and Sycamore)
11am to 3pm

Sculpture by Oreen Cohen
Broadway Market
999 Broadway
11am to 3pm

Many local activists are responding to the vast acreage of land left fallow by demolished homes on Buffalo’s East and West sides by rethinking how we develop urban spaces. They employ low impact development and cooperative ownership of land, and prioritize stewardship of the environment, biodiversity, and self-sufficiency through community over a consumerist ethos. Sensitive to these issues, Oreen Cohen and Tamara Suber seamlessly integrate their sculptures made mostly from salvaged and organic materials into the land. These quiet gestures enter a complex matrix of urban renewal that includes agriculture, housing, business development, and culture, among other driving forces.

My Future Ex is co-curated by Sandra Q. Firmin (Curator, UB Art Galleries) and Tra Bouscaren (PhD Candidate, UB Dept. of Media Study).

Generous support for My Future Ex: Float My Resident provided by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation administered by Arts Services Initiative. Additional support provided by UB’s Techn? Institute. The UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts, is funded by the UB College of Arts and Sciences, and the Visual Arts Building Fund, and the Seymour H. Knox Foundation Fine Arts Fund.