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Haunted Screens

Mar 29 - May 19 2007

UB Art Gallery

In the spirit of proto-cinematic devices like magic lanterns and zoetropes, Haunted Screensfeatures artwork that employs a variety of techniques—from the hand-drawn to pixel disintegration—to present a delirium of actual and implied movement. The phantasmagorias, silhouettes, and projections in this exhibition borrow from mysticism and folklore, the legacy of the African slave trade, and urban specters to conjure historical and magical apparitions that inhabit the contemporary mind.

Artists: Zoe Beloff, Michael Bosworth, Diane Landry, Ed Pien, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Simon Penny, Siebren Versteeg, and Kara Walker.

Curated by Sandra Q. Firmin and Carolyn Tennant, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center Media Arts Director.

Brochure available with an essay by Firmin and Tennant.