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CONTINUUM: The MacKrell Collage Archive Project by Gerald Mead

Apr 25 - Jun 1 2008

UB Anderson Gallery

MFA Thesis Exhibition

CONTINUUM: The MacKrell Collage Archive Project by Gerald Mead
 explores the artistic need to collect and organize print material, an obsession shared by collage artists such as Joseph Cornell, Hannah Höch and Jess.  For more than 50 years, the late Western New York artist Marie MacKrell assembled and categorized more than 4,000 items of print ephemera. This exhibition consists of a highly structured presentation, authentication, classification and documentation of MacKrell’s idiosyncratic collage archive arranged into 30 categories and stored in 16-by-20 inch Kodak photo paper boxes and a site-specific installation that illustrates the depth and range of the voluminous material it contains. the exhibition and installation comment on the private/public nature of archival collections and the strategies by which archives are institutionalized and interpreted over time.