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Amanda Browder: Prismatic Illusions

Sep 10 - Sep 14 2015

UB Anderson Gallery

Amanda Browder’s Prismatic Illusions will be on view on the outside of the UB Anderson Gallery from September 10-14th. Commissioned by University at Buffalo Art Galleries, Prismatic Illusions is inspired by the unique ornamentation seen on many buildings in Buffalo. In the 1900’s, Buffalo was a mecca for architects to create dynamic buildings with the surge of income stemming from the energy created at Niagara Falls and the bustling Erie Canal. Coined as the “City of No Illusions,” Buffalo has retained its beauty and strength over the past century.

Thank you to everyone who donated fabric or time to help create this wonderful work!

The work will be part of Splitting Light opening September 24th at the UB Art Gallery at the Center for the Arts.